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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find most of the answers to to common questions that we receive. If your questions is not here, then click the box below to possibly add your question to our list.

  • How do I get the Trustee Agreement?
    You can click the link below to receive an Esign link for the Trustee Agreement. If it is not available ,You can email us at the In the subject line type TRUSTEE AGREEMENT. In the body type your beneficiary name: Last: First-Middle, Beneficiary and type your email address.
  • I did not see my question here?
    Please visit the website page F A Q
  • Can I use the 1099-A to pay bills and debts?
    Absolutely, as long as the amount is over $600. It’s best if you attempt this directly yourself first using the 1099-A rather than involving a Trustee
  • Can I purchase items for business purposes?
    Unfortunately you can not, The Cesti Que Vie trust law states that the remedy is for personal purchase and personal use only.
  • Can you provide proof of funds before processing for a purchase?
    No we can not, There is no way at this time to determined when the funds will be available. It’s best to wait until we have received your funds before making an offer on a property. Also, It is illegal in the USA for Realtors to ask for proof of funds.
  • What are my next steps?
    You can find information regarding step by step and a check list on the share file page.
  • How do I Authenticate my Birth Certificate?
    Go online to to order the long version of your birth certificate, (that’s if you do not have your birth certificate). If you have your birth certificate, visit to your local Secretary of State that offers Authentication services or go online to request authentication. Once the State level is complete then visit the website to authenticate on the federal level. The link to the Federal form is on the Information and resources page on this website
  • How do I get a consultation?
    Visit the book online service page to schedule and register for a consultation.
  • My 1099a was accepted by the IRS, Does that mean my bills are paid?
    No, It means that the IRS has accepted your 1099a, which gives you the go ahead to send it to your trustee to process.
  • I have completed my documents and 1099's, what is next?
    Send a preview copy of the 1099a to, Make sure you complete the file checklist that is on the information and resources page.
  • Can you provide proof of funds in advance of receiving them?
    No, There are no proof of funds unless you have been given confirmation that you have funds in your trust account to make a purchase.
  • How can I join the Discord Group?
    Please join us in the Learning to be free (LTBF) private discord and/or Telegram group. You will have to email, answer a couple of questions then request a invite link. If you haven’t already, please download the Discord and/or telegram apps on your phone or tablet. Click the links below. If the links above do not work, This is a private group so please email a request for the link to:
  • Should I continue to pay my bills while waiting on the funds to be deposited?
    Yes, continue to pay your bills until you receive confirmation that it has been paid.
  • Do I have to have my birth certificate authenticated before I can submit my 1099a on line?
    No, you can begin to submit 1099a forms once you have studied the process and know how to complete them properly so you do not have to waste money filing correction forms.
  • How long is the process for the 1099a’s to be processed?
    The process for the 1099a’s vary from 60 to 120 days. Once you have submitted the 1099a online, it may take 3 to 7 days for the IRS to accept it. Then it will need to be processed by your trustee to submit the 1099OID to get accepted, which is 5 to 7 days. Then the trustee must send in all of the forms that will be needed to process your 1099a , OID, 1040V and Trustee forms that will be sent to the IRS to process for funds to be deposited into your trust account.
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