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About Us

KJ Private Trustee Association, LLC is a trusted provider of wealth protection, property ownership structuring, residence and trustee services, and succession planning to US and internationally mobile families. Our Trust and Estate Planning services offer choice and transparency, providing and administering individual US and international services. As an international provider with a global presence, we are dedicated to offering integrated advice, products, and services to individuals with sophisticated and often complex needs. Our goal is to assist individuals in generating, structuring, and protecting their income and assets in the most efficient way possible


Kelita Jackson

Manager  for KJ PTA, LLC

KJ PTA Staff members & Departments 

Diamond Coles                           
Executive Corporate Operations Manager     

Denise Garcia                 
Executive Intake Specialist
Moderator Manager

Frankie Garcia                        
Intake Specialist

Jeana Ferdig                                                     Case Manager

Mia Grimes                                       IT -Operations Developer

Noriko Muira                                                            Case Manager

Deborah Lovell                                    UK- Client Case Manager

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