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PrecioDesde 399,20$

Introducing our Status Document Preparation Service, where we specialize in preparing your status documents to be notarized and recorded with your local county.  Our team will ensure that your documents are properly prepared and ready for notarization and recording, saving you time and hassle. Plus, with our Publishing Page, you can conveniently access and track the status of your documents anytime, anywhere. Trust us to handle your document preparation needs with professionalism and expertise.Instruction to add your picture to your document is in the servie flow. KJPTA adding your picture to your witness document is an additional service fee.

  • Service Policy

    By entering your information, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. We complete paperwork in the order in which it was received. We don't use an automated service to produce documents. Paperwork can take 4 to 6 weeks to weeks to complete. This is based on how many people have signed up and paid. When your paperwork is ready to review, you'll receive the E-documents to review. We do not provide refunds if you change your mind after paying for service. You can cancel your order prior to making a payment only. This is a custom service that takes time, and each man or woman's paperwork is given the highest priority and attention to detail, one by one. We will not answer questions on how long it will take for your paperwork to be ready. Answering these kinds of emails takes time away from the actual work of preparing paperwork.

  • Payment Plan Options

    “We understand that financial commitments can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we are excited to offer you a flexible Payment Plan Option. This plan allows you to spread your payments over a period of time, making it easier for you to manage your financial obligations without any added stress. Please contact our customer service team for more details. We are here to assist you in finding the best possible solution that suits your needs.”

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